Team Page



Heather Kale

As a Flint native and General Manager at the Ferris Wheel, Heather connects with community members and  entrepreneurs. She maintains a cohesive shared work space in downtown Flint. Whether individuals want join the member community as a new business or a have a satellite office in the building, Heather is able to assist. Helping individuals attain the resources necessary to get their businesses rolling is key. The Ferris Wheel will continue to make connections and evolve to meet the needs of the community.

Before coming to the Ferris Wheel, Heather worked at the Flint & Genesee Chamber of Commerce as a Director of Member Services. Serving on a number of different boards and committees, she has continues to show her dedication to her community.


Hershal Sylvester Sr.

Hershal is the maintenance coordinator at the Ferris Wheel. He was born and raised in the city of Flint and graduated from Northwestern High School. Hershal enjoys making barbeque grills, cooking, and spending time with his family. He has many skills including: welding, fabrication, and landscaping. When things need to be fixed around the Ferris Wheel, we can count on Hershal to be up to the task!